Asset Financing

Real Estate

Are you looking to directly invest into real estate or would you like to refinance your property?

Flexible options covering all of your financing needs

Investing in property involves both emotional and rational decision-making, as well as the handling of complex matters. With Virobel’s experts, you can rely upon detailed, professional consultation and a comprehensive service offering covering your entire mortgage financing needs.

Real estate expertise and financing through Virobel's custodian network

Our experts provide advisory services, analysis and financing options on the purchase and sale of properties in Switzerland and in other select, high-end areas.

Individual advice

Our experts can offer you advice on which custodians can help you .

Review of existing financing structures

Our experienced specialists can support you in optimising your financing structures by reviewing your current financing set-up, even with third-party banks, and providing suggestions for improvements.

Assistance with legal questions

Our network of external experts can conduct plausibility checks on purchase and sales agreements, as well as provide support and advice for legal issues covering the sale and purchase of real estate.

Further information

Are you interested in learning more about real estate financing? Your Virobel relationship manager would be delighted to provide you with more detailed information.

Yacht Financing

Among Virobel network of banks, we can help you finance your next yacht

Yacht description


Northern European pedigree, certain Italian shipyards, and other top quality yachts

Length: 35+ meters


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